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A177 Maps for species and habitats
A2Management Structure Report including Best Practices
A3Report on barriers, conditions and opportunities
A3Report on Private Land Management Best Practices
A3Report with Programme of measures
A3Cost-benefit, socioeconomic and Environmental Impact Assessment of proposed measures
Α4Twenty Action Plans
Α5Report on ecological requirements for key species at Larnaca Salt Lake and Paralimni Lake SPAs
Α5Report on recommendations of measures to be included in the Cyprus Rural Development Plan (RDP)
Α5Water quality studies for Larnaka Salt Lakes and Paralimni Lake
Α5Water management plans for Larnaka Salt Lakes and Paralimni Lake
Α5Hydrological study for Larnaka Salt Lakes
Α5Updated hydrological study for Paralimni Lake
Α5Topography survey for Larnaka Salt Lakes
Α5Report on key breeding sites for Coracias garrulous
Α5Report on key nesting sites for Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii
Α5Report on the impact of secondary poisoning from rodenticides and other widely-used poisons on diurnal and nocturnal predatory species
A6Methodology manual for ESA in Cyprus
A6Report on Cyprus National Ecosystem Assessment Strategy
A7Action Plans per IAS of European concern
A7National IAS list
A7Action Plans per taxonomic group of IAS of national concern
A8Capacity Building / Training Action Plan
A9Report on the assessment of existing fisheries management measures in new or established Natura 2000 and MPAs
C1One guidance document with suggested methods to be incorporated with the AA process
C1Template format and guidance for the AA screening phase
C2National Biodiversity Database
C3Update of 8 Management plans for Natura 2000 areas
C3Development of 2 Management plans for marine Natura 2000 areas and 1 terrestrial N2K area
C3Report on maintenance and/or improvement of conservation status of 13 species and 10 habitat types, as a result of Action C3
C4Report on pilot implementation of management structures
C4Action Plan for the Long term Operation of the Management Unit
C5Report on Natura 2000 sites ES assessment
C5Layman - Summary Reports for every site’s ES assessment
C6Report on Management schemes and methods for managing issues with private land in Natura 2000
C7Natura 2000 Management Platform
C7Natura 2000 Communication Platform
C8Establishment of a demonstration project
C9Three (3) educational programs for i) border inspectors, ii) on-site inspectors and iii) officers involved in related field surveys and patrols
C9Information material on IAS for points of entry (ports, airports)
C10Report on FRV/FCS
C11Joint Action Plan
D1Monitoring Protocol of the implementation of PAF’s Actions
D2Project's conservation benefits implementation plan
D3Report on the results of first survey and interviews
D3Report on the results of second survey and interviews
D3Report on the results of third survey and interviews
D3Report on the results of forth survey and interviews
D3Study on the impact of the project on ecosystem services
D3Study on the socio-economic impact of the project
D4KPI Database
E1Communication plan/ strategy for the promotion of Natura 2000 network in Cyprus
E1DVD with the TV spots and Radio spots broadcasted
E1Layman’s report
E2First report on awareness-raising activities
E2Second report on awareness-raising activities
E2Third report on awareness-raising activities
E2Forth report on awareness-raising activities (with final report)
E2Transfer and replication plan
E3First report on networking visits
E3Second report on networking visits
E3Third report on networking visits
E3Forth report on networking visit (with final report)
E4Project website
E4Natura 2000 website
E5Habitat Guide for the habitat types of Cyprus
E5Red Data Book for the Habitats of Cyprus
E6Red List of Birds of Cyprus (publication and scientific database)
F1Project Monitoring Protocol
F1Phase B amendment request & Plan
F1Phase A interim report & Request of Payment
F1Phase C amendment request & Plan
F1Phase B interim report & Request of Payment
F1Phase D amendment request & Plan
F1Phase C interim report & Request of Payment
F1After-LIFE plan
F1Administrative and institutional improvements achieved per protected area as a result of the project implementation
F1Final Report
F2First report regarding complementary funds
F2Second report regarding complementary funds.
F2Third report regarding complementary funds.
F2Forth report regarding complementary funds (with final report)

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